Benefits of martial arts for kids

Benefits of martial arts for kids

Martial arts at Rock Solid Karate in Gainesville, Georgia is not just another physical activity.  The benefits of kids karate are numerous.  Did you know that studies show it can be very helpful for kids with ADHD?  Several of our students have been sent to us from Dr.'s that have recommended it as a tool to help channel their focus and concentration.  Below we will list some of the Values and Benefits of martial arts training that you may not have known or thought about. 

1.  In our Beginner Karate Classes we immediately start working towards specific goals.  We use the motto Set Goals, Get Goals.  We encourage our students to set realistic goals.  Whether it be better grades, better coordination, or achieving their net belt.  Which brings me to my next point.....Improved Confidence.

2.  Karate for kid's can greatly improve their confidence and self worth.  With all the ways a kid can be put down whether it be at home or at school it is important that they have something that they are solely good at.  What we mean here is that in martial art's their is no team or anyone to depend on.  No start player getting all the praise.  The child has to achieve their goals all by them self.  In return they gain more confidence because their success in their martial arts training totally depends on them.  They focus more on self improvement.  There is no pressure competing with other kids and letting down the team.    

3.  Self control will most definitely with karate training at Rock Solid Karate.  Children are taught simple things how to stand still and sit up straight.  Sitting up straight helps kids retain more information.  We teach them that the better their self control is, the more they will learn and the better they will do.

4.  Coordination especially in our 3-5 year old karate classes (Tiny Tigers) is a big reason parents come see us.  We help fine tune their fine motor skills at a young age.  Things like balance, coordination and flexibility all improve.  It also helps kids understand the power of the mind over the body which can also help those kids Struggling with attention deficit Disorder.   

5.  Children need structure and believe it or not it helps them thrive.  Martial arts has clear rules and expectations that are constantly reinforced.  We also use something here at Rock Solid Karate called Praise Correct Praise.  Praise the beginning student first when we see a mistake, correct what needs to be corrected and praise them again at the end.  It helps keep them highly motivated and achieving their martial arts goals. 

6.  Respect is key for our kids classes.  We want them to show respect in all the important aspects of their lives.  We reinforce this at home and at school.  We even go as far to send letters home with all of our students asking if they would recommend the student to test for their next belt.  The teacher at school has to approve as well as the parents before the child can reach their next martial arts goal and get their belt. 

7.  Rock Solid Karate is a Positive environment.  The instructors, peers, and family environment are huge for helping to raise good kids.  we firmly beleive that keeping your kids in positive environments is instrumental in their development. At Rock Solid karate we try our best to surround them with love, encouragement, tough love (when needed), positive reinforcement, and Praise when their goals are accomplished.  

Come see all the values and Benefits and more at Rock Solid Karate. 

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