How Karate can improve your child's grades!!

How Karate can improve your child's grades!!

How Karate can improve your child’s Grades


Rock Solid Karate and the martial arts can have a lot of valuable benefits for children.  It can help improve their coordination, behavior, integrity, respect and much much more.  Often overlooked is how the martial arts can help improve your child’s grades. 


Did you know at Rock Solid Karate before any student moves up to their next rank they have to have a letter signed by their teacher.  The letter asks the teacher if the child is behaving at school, completing tasks and showing respect.  It also asks the teacher if he or she believes that your child should be considered to test for their next rank based on their behavior at school.  So if they are not acting correctly or doing their best they are not allowed to test.  The unique belt and stripe system help students in all areas of their life.  If they want to get their next belt they have to be doing well at home, school and Rock Solid Karate.  If all three areas are meeting expectations they are allowed to test.  Our students understand this and helps push them to do their very best.


Focus is key

With all the opportunities and channels of entertainment available to today’s kids it can get difficult to focus. But in order to cope with rigorous schoolwork, students must learn how to listen to the teachers and not get distracted by their surroundings. Rock Solid Karate can help your child to develop this very important character trait; focus and concentration. When in karate class, they learn to shut out distractions, whether they’re external (classmates playing around) or internal (negative thoughts and doubts).


Set Goals-Get Goals

The martial arts at Rock Solid karate is all about a long series of short term goals and long term goals.  A short term goal could be to get their next stripe or their next belt.  A long term goal could be to get their black belt.  This translates into their academics as well.  These seem goal setting principles apply to school as well.  Maybe a short term goal for them could be to raise a grade in one of their classes and a long term goal could be to go to college, graduate with honors or get a scholarship. 



Rock Solid loves to see kids accomplish good grades and achieve their goals.  When a student brings in a satisfactory report card they are rewarded with an academic stripe on their belt.  This helps push them to keep doing great academically and gives them a tremendous amount of encouragement from an outside source.  So often when mom and dad say they are proud it goes in one ear and out the other.  Kids are very keen that their parents love them unconditionally.  It involves an additional amount of encouragement when another figure they look up to praises them.


So when you are thinking of reasons why you should get your son and daughter into the martial arts at Rock Solid Karate add Better Grades to the list!!  Come see us and set up a FREE orientation Class.    

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