Do Not Quit

Stop Coming to Class???!!!

Let’s backtrack for a minute.  When you brought your child to us you had very realistic goals for them.  Above all else those goals were what brought you to bring your child to us.  Somewhere along the way you lost sight of how important those goals were to you.  As parents we want the very best for our children.  That is why you thought our Martial Arts Facility was important for your children.

What this means is, if kids had the option they would give up on almost everything worth their while.  Eating vegetables, studying, going to school, etc.  If the going gets tough or they “just don’t feel like it” everything important would fall to the wayside.  As parents we play a huge support role.


At one point you signed up for the training. Not your child-YOU.  You wanted to give your child precisely what we do.  So why now are you going to give up on your child?  They need you to guide them and tell them that this is non-negotiable.  You need to realize that this is too important to give-up.  Once they see that you are teaming up with us and supporting them, they will continue to come and enjoy themselves.  Did you notice Michael Phelp’s mother cheering for Michael in the stands?  There would have been no way he would have achieved what he has if his parents weren’t behind him pushing, guiding and supporting a dream. 

I also want to share with you that everyone, and I mean everyone, has wanted to stop training at some point on the way to Black Belt.  It was a strong support system, it was the parents who wouldn’t quit, who truly saw the values of the lessons, that helped pushed their children to become successful.  I’ve heard the “maybe it’s not for him/her” from parents of kids who have gone on to achieve their Black Belts.  Let’s team up together, solve this challenge and live our lives like Black Belt Champions.

What if your child wanted to stop learning how to ride a bike the first time they fell down and you let them?  What kind of lesson would that be?  I doubt you would let them.  The same has to be true for the only place outside of school where we work on life skills, strong healthy bodies and the non quitting spirit.  Remember martial arts is not just another activity it is a consistent lifestyle.  The word consistent is important here.  Remember when those summer months come around that is not an excuse to let your child take a break.  It hurts progress and ultimately destroys confidence when the child gets behind.

So please, don’t give up on your child.  Help them achieve their Black Belt and urge them continue towards their masters belt.  Let them know that you are there supporting and encouraging them but that YOU WILL NOT QUIT ON THEM.  Because we won’t.  We never have and we never will.

We will not give-up.

If necessary we can have a “Team-Up” meeting to devise an action plan.

Remember, Goals We Set are Goals We Get.

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