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The next time someone tells you karate doesn't work in self defense.....

I have heard this sooo many times.  Karate doesn't work in self defense.  Well thank goodness for MMA.  These are real fights and self defense at its finest.  We hope we never have to use our training to defend ourselves.  But the great thing about our Tang Soo Do training is that we are training to hit and not be hit.  That is the only intelligent way to defend ourselves.  Not to trade shots and have a war but to land and not get hit.  Lately Karate has been more and more popular in MMA with guys like Lyoto Machida, Michael Page, Raymond Daniels, Stephen Thompson, and Sage Northcutt.  Click on the link below to read more and see videos.  KARATE DOES WORK!!!! :)  



KARATE doesn't work.....

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