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How long does it take to earn a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do at Rock Solid Karate.  There are sooo many factors that go into this and I feel Mr.Ron of Rock Solid Karate did a GREAT job of breaking down some of the important factors!! Click the link above ^^^ to take you to the post.  Here are a couple inserts below:

That’s the short answer. Your next question is probably “Why on earth does it take so long to earn a black belt?”

It’s more about achieving a bucket list item than committing to a permanent shift in mindset and action. Just like everyone that climbs a mountain isn’t necessarily a mountaineer, everyone wearing a black belt isn’t necessarily a black belt.

 Realize that earning a first-degree black belt is just the beginning of the journey as a martial artist. Think of it along the lines of earning a bachelor’s degree. More than anything it shows that you are a serious student that is teachable.


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