Creating Systems!!!!

The other day I was browsing
Facebook, and came across
something *brilliant*.
It was a picture of a sticky
note on a fridge with something
VERY simple written on it...
But the parent who wrote this
obviously understands their
kids verrryyy well!
This is what it said:
Get Today's Wifi Password
* Your beds are made
* Your rooms are clean
* The dishes are done
Pretty amazing, right?
Like most kids these days,
this parent's kids depend
on Wifi for a lot.
So this mom created a system
where her kids could "buy"
Wifi access through chores.
Great stuff, right? ;-)
Of course, while this is a 
great tactic, it will only
work if your kids already
have a FOUNDATION of discipline.
If you feel this is missing
from your household...
Check out our kids martial
arts classes. Respect, discipline
& focus are the TOP lessons
we teach with self-defense.

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