Mixed Martial Arts Training Center


Kids Karate in Gainesville teaches discipline & self confidence !

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Mixed Martial Arts

A dynamic MMA Training program that teaches a variety of self defense skills and techinques. You'll learn practical self defense, PLUS get into incredible shape.

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Kids Karate

Whether your family choose martial arts for fitness, focus, self-discipline or protection against bullies, your child will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed.

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Adult Karate

Whether you want to learn self defense, lose weight, firm up your body or improve your heart and lung health, Karate gives you a great workout, and the defensive skills you need to protect yourself if you're ever confronted or attacked.

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Rock Solid Karate

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Mixed Martial Arts Classes and Karate Classes for the Gainesville and Flowery Branch Areas

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We proudly serve the Gainesville, Flowery Branch and surrounding areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Kids Karate, Adult Karate,


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