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  • Magic Bullet?

    Here's the thing: Our kids martial arts program works wonders for a LOT of kids. It helps them behave better... do better in school... make better friends... get exercise... learn self-defense... and more. But is it a "magic bullet"? No way. Nothing is! First off: it's not for every kid. Second off: kids are with us for only a few hours a week. We can't control what happens in the hundreds hours they're not with us. But I can tell you this much... If it's right for your kid, it can really seem like a magic bullet. Parents--and teachers--are often blown away by the changes they see in children after even a week or two of our classes. Eye contact ....

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  •  in Gainesville and Flowery Branch  - Rock Solid Karate - Halloween Buddy Day

    Halloween Buddy Day

    On Monday we will be having a Halloween Buddy Day on Tuesday, October 30th. You can wear your costumes on that day and so can your buddies. We will have a sign up sheet for you to sign them up at the front desk. We will also be closed on Wednesday, October 31st for Halloween. Please be safe and have fun!!! LIKE US ON FACEBOOK ....

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  • Improve your sparring

    CLICK TO IMPROVE YOUR SPARRING Click above for sparring tips and ticks. World Champion Ron Henry's expert advice. Here are some inserts below. 1. Focus on kicking using your front leg. Back leg kicking telegraphs too much and is ultimately slower. I can’t stress how important it is to develop a good front leg. A Game of Tag It’s important to recognize point sparring for what it is – a game of tag using our hands and feet. We use a combination of kicks, movement, feints and combinations to create scoring opportunities. The following discussion will highlight what I feel are the most important aspects to develop for point sparring competition .

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  • How long to Black Belt

    Click Link How long does it take to earn a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do at Rock Solid Karate. There are sooo many factors that go into this and I feel Mr.Ron of Rock Solid Karate did a GREAT job of breaking down some of the important factors!! Click the link above ^^^ to take you to the post. Here are a couple inserts below: That’s the short answer. Your next question is probably “ Why on earth does it take so long to earn a black belt?” It’s more about achieving a bucket list item than committing to a permanent shift in mindset and action. Just like everyone that climbs a mountain isn’t necessarily a mountaineer, everyone wearing a black belt ....

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  • Check out Mr. Ron's Martial arts website!!

    CLICK HERE for Mr. Rons website Mr. Ron has an awesome website in regards to the martial arts. You may really enjoy it so click the link above and also Subscribe to his newsletter!! Follow us on facebook ....

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  • Inspiring

    Here's an inspiring tip: On the way to school, try saying affirmations with your kids for a minute or so. It gets everyone inspired, centered and ready to have a great day. Here are some to say out loud together: - "Today is a great day" - "I will try my best today in everything that i do." - "I will have fun and love life today." LIKE US ON FACEBOOK ....

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  • Work Out with your kids at Home

    Hey, While martial arts classes will help your kids get stronger and healthier... It's also great for kids to get exercise outside of class. Now, if your kid is the "outdoors" type who runs around day and night with his friends - You can probably ignore this ;-) But if your child is more of the "indoors" type who doesn't exercise all that much, this is very relevant. All you need is a timer, and a bit of room. - Pushups for 30 seconds - Crunches for 30 seconds - Squats for 30 seconds - Run in place for 30 seconds Time your child for each exercise, and run them through this workout 2-3 times. On days where they don't have martial arts, it'll really ....

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