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  • The next time someone tells you karate doesn't work in self defense.....

    I have heard this sooo many times. Karate doesn't work in self defense. Well thank goodness for MMA. These are real fights and self defense at its finest. We hope we never have to use our training to defend ourselves. But the great thing about our Tang Soo Do training is that we are training to hit and not be hit. That is the only intelligent way to defend ourselves. Not to trade shots and have a war but to land and not get hit. Lately Karate has been more and more popular in MMA with guys like Lyoto Machida, Michael Page, Raymond Daniels, Stephen Thompson, and Sage Northcutt. Click on the link below to read more and see videos. KARATE DOES WORK!!!! :) KARATE doesn't work..... ....

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  • Parents Night out May 19th 6pm-11pm

    Rock Solid Karate will be hosting parents night out May 19th from 6pm-11pm. It will be a fun filled with a dodge ball theme and the last day of school for most of you. The cost is $25 for the first kid and $20 for each additional from the same family. Please sign up at the table in the front of the studio or call and we can sign you up for it. Like us on facebook ....

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  • Kids Karate in Gainesville and Flowery Branch  - Rock Solid Karate - Tournament Pictures

    Tournament Pictures

    The region 21 WTSDA tournament was a huge success!! Thanks for all that were able to make it to the tournament pictures and pizza party!! Thanks for all the hard work all the testing candidates and tournament participants put into this event. Also a big thanks to all the volunteers from concessions, judges, score keepers, registration, clean up and the list goes on. We are very proud of our Rock Solid karate family!!! on CLICK HERE to Follow us on facebook ....

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  • Kids Karate in Gainesville and Flowery Branch  - Rock Solid Karate - Master Hutchinson Master Demonstration

    Master Hutchinson Master Demonstration

    Our regional director Master Matthew Hutchinson showed off an awesome breaking display that has taken the internet by storm with over 3,000 views!!! Enjoy!!! Master Hutchinson BREAKING Follow us on Facebook ....

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  • Kids Karate in Gainesville and Flowery Branch  - Rock Solid Karate - Thank you Region 21 volunteers!!!

    Thank you Region 21 volunteers!!!

    We just want to take the time to thank all the Rock Solid Karate volunteers that took time out of their personal lives to host an awesome event!! We truly could not have done it with out you!! The event ended up being a great success with a great Black Belt Test on Friday night. Thanks to all the volunteers that came up to us weeks before and offered to lend a helping hand. We were well staffed for this event because of all of you!! The students did an awesome job competing and represented Rock Solid Karate very well. As you can see we did very well winning multiple Grand Champion trophies on the weekend including Mr. Joseph Mitchell, Mr. Ron Henry, Mrs. Nancy Chen, Mayly Lao, Lily ....

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  • Spring Break Camp

    SPRING BREAK CAMP April 3rd-7th

    Early drop-off at 7:30am and latest pickup at 4:30pm . $150 for full week $30 for daily drop-off Fun Games and Relays -designed to develop balance, strength, agility, teamwork, and more!
    Forms (or Patterns) -focusing on memorization and showmanship skills!
    More Fun Games and Relays!
    Martial Arts Weapons -using "safe" weapons, of course
    More Fun Games and Relays!
    Martial Arts Tricks -Karate gymnastics and more
    Great for working parents! 678 450 0055 SIGN UP AT TABLE WHEN YOU WALK IN STUDIO TO THE LEFT. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK ....

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  • Region 21 tournament info

    Region 21 tournament info!! As you may know Rock Solid karate is the host of the Region 21 championship this year. We are very excited about this event and encourage every student to participate. If they are Tiny Tigers they can do flag sparring and a form (blocking drill). If they are adult or child and they are green advanced and below they can compete in sparring and forms. Brown belts and above can compete in forms, weapons, and sparring. There is also a breaking division that students can compete in. In order to test for Black Belt a student must attend one Black Bel Camp and one regional tournament. We will have tournament classes on Wednesday from 7:30-8:30 for Blue ....

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  • Kids Karate in Gainesville and Flowery Branch  - Rock Solid Karate - Summer Camps-2017

    Summer Camps-2017

    2017 Summer Camp Pre-Registration Form Camp Hours are 9:00am – 3:00pm. Early drop off starting at 7:30am and late pick-up until 5:00 are available at no extra charge. Ages 5-13. To reserve your spot you must complete this form along with an auto debit form of payment which will be collected on the Monday prior to your camp week. There is also a $25 nonrefundable deposit due at the time of registration to reserve your spot. This will go toward the price of your camp but is nontransferable to other camps. Please check the box below of the camp or camps you are attending. Camp 1 June 5 th -9 th Return of Super Hero


    Camp 2 June 12 th -16 th ....

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  • Congrats to the NEW Black Belts/Region 21 tournament info and link

    Congrats to all the new Black Belts that were awarded on Saturday. We promoted people to first degree black belt all the way to third degree black belt. 10 year old kids all the way to Mrs. Gail who passed with flying colors at 67 years young. Black belt takes a lot of dedication and hard work and we are so very proud of this awesome group of Black Belt Leaders!! If you see them around the school make sure to congratulate them on their fantastic achievement. Remember to set your goals high with your martial arts training. Keep persevering up until you reach your goal. After you reach your goal than set a new one for yourself so you never stop growing. Mrs. Gail has battled through ....

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  • Kids Karate in Gainesville and Flowery Branch  - Rock Solid Karate - Karate Camp-January 16th Monday

    Karate Camp-January 16th Monday

    Come join us Monday, Jan. 16th
    for our Karate Camp. Kids will participate in numerous fun activities and games. This is perfect for parents who need childcare that day as kids will be out of school. Sign up
    at the front desk and please feel free to ask an instructor for additional information. See you there!! Camp Hours: Camp Activities 9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. (Drop off as early as 7:30 A.M. and pick up until 4:30 P.M.)

    Follow us on facebook Don’t Miss Out!! Ages 5-12 Free karate class included! $30 per day (Please pack a lunch and two snacks. Electronic devices are allowed such as a ....

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  • Happy new year-Lets be lean and mean in 2017

    New years resolutions are always a big part of every new year!! But I encourage you to make a couple of New Years commitments in 2017. Parents don't let your kids slack off this year. If kids have it their way they would sit around and do nothing and play video games. Allow them so set goals and accomplish things. Yes they will complain sometimes and drive you crazy!! But don't give up. I have never an into a kid or adult that was glad they quit. They almost always say, "I wish I would have continued and gotten my black belt." It is one of the first major goals/accomplishments they can achieve at a young age. This type of thing helps them through high school, college and in their future ....

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  • Winter X Games Camp-Rock Solid Karate

    Winter X Games Camp Rock Solid Karate December 19 th , 20 th , 21 st 22 nd , and 23 rd . Winter Break karate Camp What to bring? This camp is geared towards children ages 5-12. Please provide a lunch and two snacks for each day your child will be attending. Books and electronic devices such as a tablet or DS are also permitted and can be used during free time. Join us this winter break for an exciting camp filled with tons of contest and activities that your children will have a blast participating in! Drop off time 7:30am Pick up time 4:30pm Camp Activities 9am-3pm Remember to pack a lunch and 2 snacks. Like us on Facebook ....

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  • Christmas Holiday Sale at Rock Solid Karate

    Use one of the various Century catalogs at Rock Solid Karate to order your fun martial arts related Christmas gifts from Rock Solid Karate. Order now and save 15% off for the holidays. Kicking bags, targets, bo staffs, sparring gear, apparel and more are some of the gifts you may be thinking about and we have them all. Order now and save. Like us on Facebook ....

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  • Wednesday November 23 class schedule

    On Wednesday, November 23rd we will have two classes. Tiny Tigers will be 4:30-5 and a big family class (all ages and ranks except for tiny tigers) can be in that class. We will be closed from Thanksgiving through Sunday. Please make up your classes missed before and after. Like us on facebook ....

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  • Best in test

    Congrats to Olivia, Morgan, and Nayele for their best in test awards at last weeks graduation. They showed excellent black Belt Spirit and are now one step closer to their Black Belts!! Like us on Facebook ....

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  • Kids Karate in Gainesville and Flowery Branch  - Rock Solid Karate - Congrats and Goodbye to the Mabrouks.

    Congrats and Goodbye to the Mabrouks.

    Big Congrats to all the people that successfully tested to their Black belts this weekend. Also a special congratulations to our very own Matt Duncan who got best in test for all of the adults at the Region 21 World Tang Soo Do Black Belt test. We are very proud of him. He has been with us since he was 8 years old. And Stephanie Mabrouk was promoted to Sam Dan (masters belt). The Mabrouk's have been a great addition to our school since they moved here from Region 8 in 2008. They will be moving back to New Jersey in two weeks and they will be dearly missed. They are an unbelievable talented POWER couple and we are excited for them but sad to see them go. Check us out on Facebook ....

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    Sign up now for the Fall Break Camp Monday, October 10th. Come join us Monday, Oct.10 th
    for our Fall Break Karate Camp. Kids will participate in numerous fun activities and games. This is perfect for parents who need childcare those days as kids will be out of school. Sign up
    at the front desk and please feel free to ask an instructor for additional information. See you there!! Camp Hours: Camp Activities 9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. (Drop off as early as 7:30 A.M. and pick up until 4:00 P.M.)

    Don’t Miss Out!! Ages 5-12 Free karate class included! $30 per day (Please pack a lunch and two snacks. ....

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  • Region 21 clinic

    The regional clinic is rapidly approaching. Please see the region website to register for the clinic and the Saturday evening festive dinner event. You can also order a t-shirt at the same site. Regarding hotels - only the Holiday Inn Express (727) 868-1900 has given us a block of rooms at a special 'Region 21' rate. The block expires Oct 6, so call and get your rooms ASAP. The other hotels listed would not give us a block of rooms or a special rate and I have heard they are quoting rates higher than listed on the information sheet. I suggest you call all the hotels and compare their rates or use the Holiday Inn Express. We hope to see you on October 22 ... it will be a great day of ....

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  • After School Fearless Student

    I felt like this would be a good share. One of the moms said, "I blame her fearlessness on karate at Rock Solid Karate." Very funny video of our student Kaiya McCullers. CLICK HERE to follow us on facebook ....

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  • Rock Solid Karate Testimonial

    Follow us on facebook Here is a short testimonial from one of our students mothers. Brandon Howard has been with us since he was a Tiny Tiger and now is a World Champion Black Belt in sparring. He is a very humble young man and an excellent martial artists. Click the link below to see how martial arts at Rock Solid Karate has helped him. ....

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  • Kids Karate in Gainesville and Flowery Branch  - Rock Solid Karate - Region 21 Fall event

    Region 21 Fall event

    We have a Region 21 event in New port Richey, Florida October 21-23. The Black belt test is on Friday night and Saturday is the clinic. Saturday night is a fun family friendly dinner. Sign up now at CLICK HERE to follow us on facebook ....

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  • Kids Karate in Gainesville and Flowery Branch  - Rock Solid Karate - A Black Belt

    A Black Belt

    A Black Belt For every 10,000 people that join a Martial Arts Academy, HALF will drop out with-in the first 6 months. Of those remaining students, about 1.000 will complete 1 year of training and than quit. 500 will study for 2 years, but only 100 will see their 3rd anniversary. On the average, ONLY 10 will make 1st Degree Black Belt. Usually, only 1 or 2 will make it to 2nd Degree Black Belt. I shall go on to teach others what He/She has learned, for the Martial Arts is now a part of their life and they shall go on to share this life with others. This person is a BLACK BELT! This person is 1 in 10,000! Are YOU the ONE? ....

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  • Time to make a comeback

    Below is an excellent article. It is never to late to make a comeback to your martial arts training. If you have trained before and life gets in the way than just make a decision to take that first step and come into Rock Solid Karate today. Or if you had your child in here and you noticed they are sitting on the couch and playing too many video games, than get them back here training as well. If you surround yourself or your children around positive people and positive things than you and them are more than likely going to have positive results in your everyday life. Start your Comeback today. Click on the link below to read more. Like us on facebook Make a return to Rock Solid ....

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  • 25 Ways Martial Arts Training at Rock Solid Karate is good for yourself and/or your children.

    Let’s Team-Up For the Wellness of Yourself & your Child

    Here are Some Serious
    Thoughts to Consider
    25 Ways Martial Arts Training at Rock Solid Karate is Good For Everyone

    Sharpens Mental Focus

    Changes Self-Confidence

    Teaches Good Manners

    Emphasizes “Can Do” Thinking

    Increases Motivation

    Keeps the Body Healthy

    Helps Break Barriers

    Expands Potential

    Offers High Energy Works Outs

    Friendly and Outgoing Workouts

    Daily Character Training Program

    Improves Concentration

    Being a Part of a Winning Team

    Reduces Stress

    Boosts Speed and Power

    Offers a Great Family ....

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  • Kids Karate in Gainesville and Flowery Branch  - Rock Solid Karate - Buddy Day

    Buddy Day

    Bring a new buddy to your class on Tuesday, August 23rd at 5:45 for Rock Solid Karate's Dodge Ball buddy Day. We are going to have an awesome class that includes lots and lots of your favorite game.......Dodge Ball!! This would be an excellent time to bring in one of your friends who does not take karate and show them just how fun it can be. Also one of the best ways to keep your child interested and thriving in the martial arts kids classes would be for them to refer one of their friends to Rock Solid Karate. That way they can help someone junior to them and get to see their buddies while they are here. Make sure you sign up you and your buddy at the circular table at the front desk. Look ....

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  • Families that kick together, Stick Together!!!

    Parents one of the best ways to give your children the best possibility to succeed in their martial arts training, is to jump right out on the floor with them. We have a saying at Rock Solid Karate: Families that kick together, Stick together. We have several families classes for you to chose from so you can train side by side with your loved one. We have families that have three generations training together here at Rock Solid Karate. We have grandparents that train martial arts with their grandchildren. So stop making up excuses in your head of why you cannot do it. We also provide family discounts to help break down the barriers financially to allow families to train together. Adults ....

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  • Back to School Special

    Back to School will be here before you know it. Call in the month of August and set up a free orientation class at Rock Solid Karate in Gainesville, Georgia and the studio will gift you with a free uniform upon registration as well as a savings off of our Basic Program. Martial arts at Rock Solid karate can go a long way towards your child having a successful school year. Besides all the cool techniques and exercise we cover respect and courtesy, focus, concentration, perseverance, and self control just to name a few. Thank you in advance for choosing Rock Solid Karate as your martial arts family and we look forward to serving you. ....

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  • Transported After School Karate in Gainesville!

    Call today about after school karate care at Rock Solid Karate. We pick up at the following schools:
    Flowery Branch Elementary
    Chestnut Mountain
    World Language Academy
    McEver Elementary
    Maranatha Christian Academy
    Martin Elementary
    Sardis Elementary Like us on facebook. We proudly serve the Gainesville, Flowery Branch, and Oakwood areas for After School Care! Check out our After School Karate commercial here!! ....

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  • Keep Consistent

    Summer is here!!! Vacations are happening through out the summer. Lots of activities are going on here at Rock Solid Karate. Make sure to try and keep yourselves consistent and your children consistent to maintain progress during the summer. If you miss because of vacation feel free to make up your classes before or after the vacation. And remember Rock Solid Karate will have lots of activities during the summer such as buddy days, Parents Night Out, and summer camps. Keep that progress up during the summer. ....

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  • Do Not Quit

    Stop Coming to Class???!!!
    Let’s backtrack for a minute. When you brought your child to us you had very realistic goals for them. Above all else those goals were what brought you to bring your child to us. Somewhere along the way you lost sight of how important those goals were to you. As parents we want the very best for our children. That is why you thought our Martial Arts Facility was important for your children.
    What this means is, if kids had the option they would give up on almost everything worth their while. Eating vegetables, studying, going to school, etc. If the going gets tough or they “just don’t feel like it” everything important would fall to the wayside. ....

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  • Mixed Martial Arts Classes and Karate Classes for the Gainesville and Flowery Branch Areas

    Check Out What Rock Solid Karate Has To Offer!
    We proudly serve the Gainesville, Flowery Branch and surrounding areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Kids Karate, Adult Karate, Mixed Martial Arts and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! 3042 McEver Road Gainesville, Georgia 30504 Phone: 678-450-0055 Don't forget to click here to Like us on Facebook and leave us a review on Google+ !! ....

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