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  • Healthy eating

    Hey! With childhood obesity & diabetes at an all-time high... ... it's never been more important to be careful with your kid's diet. The good news is, with the right information - it's pretty easy! I hope to provide you with a lot of that information over time. For now, here's a great tip to get started with... ======= Say "NO!" to sugar & white flour! ======= Sugar, white bread, white rice, white pasta and everything with processed, white flour... ... leads DIRECTLY to bad health. There's no way around it. I'd go into the science behind it, but it's a bunch of boring mumbo jumbo ;-) ======= Eat THESE instead... ======= - Use whole wheat ....

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  • Summer camp registration sheet

    2018 Summer Camp Pre-Registration Form Student Name:____________________________ Phone:________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Pre-Registration Price: $140 for Pre-Registration (Deadline May 15 th ) Late-Registration Price: $155 for late Registration (After May 15 th ) Camp Hours are 9:00am – 3:00pm. Early drop off starting at 7:30am and late pick-up until 5:00 are available at no extra charge. To reserve your spot you must complete this form along with an auto debit form of payment which will be collected on the Monday prior to your camp week. There is also a ....

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  • 2018 Summer Camps

    Click the link below for our 2018 Summer camp link!! Email if you want the registration sent to you. 2018 Summer Camps ....

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  • Spring Break Camp April 2nd-6th

    Spring Break Camp April 2nd-6th Early drop-off at 7:30am and latest pickup at 5:00pm . $140 for full week $30 for daily drop-off Please pack a lunch and two snacks. Also children can bring an electronic device such as an IPad, Nintendo Switch….etc
    More Fun Games and Relays!
    Martial Arts Weapons -using "safe" weapons, of course
    More Fun Games and Relays!
    Martial Arts Tricks -Karate gymnastics and more
    Great for working parents! 678 450 0055 ....

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  • Kids Karate in Gainesville and Flowery Branch  - Rock Solid Karate - Summer Camp 2018

    Summer Camp 2018

    Here are the dates for 2018 Rock Solid Karate summer camps. The themes for each one of the camps will be out shortly. June 4-8 June 11-15 June 18-22 June 25-29 July 9-13 July 16-20 Every one of our camps includes a field trip. The price is $140 if you Pre-register on or before May 15th and $155 after May 15th. The daily drop off price is $35. You can drop off as early as 7:30 am and pick up at 5:00 pm. Like us on facebook ....

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  • Attention :)

    Like us on facebook Hey, You know, as parents, we have a very important tool we use on our kids all the time. In fact, we mostly use it without even knowing it. However, how we use this tool determines so much about how our kids turn out. It's our attention. The way we give our kids attention - and what in our kids we pay attention to - determines so much about their futures. In fact, many kids who grow up feeling awkward and self-conscious do so because they didn't get enough attention and approval from their parents. So they question if everything they do is okay. On the other hand - kids whose parents take an active role, and are interested in ....

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  • Word of the month is COURTESY

    We are going to start doing a word of the month every month to add a little more character development. This month the word is courtesy and we will have worksheets that we give out to the kids for them to complete to earn their courtesy stripe. Like us on Facebook ....

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  • My kids won't listen

    Hey, Sometimes, no matter what "tricks" or "tactics" we try, our kids just won't listen. And to top it all off - they're even more stubborn than we are ;-) ======= This is an overlooked approach to getting kids who just won't listen... to finally listen! ======= The truth is, kids who don't listen often do so for the same reason that adults do: They feel like no one listens to *them*. Their thought process goes something like this... "Well, no one cares about what I think or say... so why should I care about what anyone else says?" Sometimes, they just need to feel like someone actually cares, and wants to hear what they have to say. ======= Now, ....

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  • Valentines Cards

    Parents of Rock Solid Karate students we have valentine cards to give out to your kids. We will be handing them out in class this week and next. Please help us out by making sure that your kids hand them out to your classmates. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK ....

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  • Parents Night Out-February 16th

    Parents Night Out Sign UP Parents make sure you sign up your children for this Parents Night Out. It will give you a chance to get out and see a movie or have dinner with a loved one. Plus your kids will have a great time and food will be taken care of by Rock Solid Karate. Kids
    Kids look forward to a fun filled night. Karate games and dodge ball will fill up most of the night. We will have pizza after we play some games. After the pizza we will set back and watch some awesome movies. Kids bring some of your favorite movies to watch. Sign Up Now. 1 st kid $25 All other kids from same family are $20 Friends are regular price of $25 Price includes drinks and ....

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