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Jana Easter, Martial Arts Instructor

Jana Easter

Jana Easter graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 1981 with a B.S. in Health, Education, and Recreation Degree. She moved to Georgia in 2002 where she began her training in the martial arts. Her first degree Black Belt was attained in 2005 and successfully tested for 2nd degree in 2007. There she was selected for Adult Best in Test for all of the candidates participating. In October 2010 she reached her current rank of 3rd degree and was chosen again as best in Test for the adult candidates. With 30 years of teaching experience, Mrs. Easter joined the Instructor staff at Rock Solid Karate in June of 2008. Having competed in many Regional and World Championship tournaments throughout California, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia; she has won many events in open hand forms, weapons, and sparring. Mrs. Easter also holds the Region 21 WomenÆs Senior Championship Cup. Tang Soo Do is truly a way of life for Mrs. Easter. Her enthusiasm and love for what she does makes her a valuable part of our Team here at Rock Solid Karate. She lives in Gainesville, GA with her husband Mike who is also a Black Belt in Karate. She has two grown children that both live in Nashville, TN.

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