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Black Belt Season

Black Belt Season

Black Belt season is HERE!!  In the next couple of weeks people will be preparing for the biggest moment in their martial arts journey.  Whether you are an adult, teen, or child this will most likely be one the most gratifying things you will achieve.  Adult karate can be very challenging because we have tough schedules.  Work and kids can get in the way of our time.  But it is important that we make time for ourselves.  Martial arts for adults will help with stress and improve your overall health and fitness.  

Kids karate is very popular because parents get them into martial arts training because they want discipline, better focus and maybe better grades.  They will for sure get all of that and more through their martial arts training.  But achieving a black belt at a young age is most likely at that time one of the most rewarding things a child can achieve.  The type of confidence that comes from  achieving something like this helps kids say no to unhealthy peer pressures.  Confident kids tend to stay out of trouble, away from drugs, and have better grades.  Remember parents!!!  Kids don't quit...Parents do!!  If you know something is good for them than do not let them quit.  They will come back and thank you for this later. 

Rock Solid Karate recognizes all the hard work that is going on to achieve their goals.  Remember your journey as a leader starts once you achieve this great title of Black Belt.  Cant wait to see all the success in the coming weeks!!!


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