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Brotherhood and Sisterhood.  In our World Tang Soo Do Association flag the Red Circle that goes through the Black Belt represents Unity and Brotherhood.  In our kids karate classes and adult karate classes it is important that we remember this.  Although martial arts can help with self esteem, confidence, and respect for self and others it can also be very challenging at times.  

The dictionary shows two definitions of brotherhood.  1.  The relationship between brothers/sisters.  2.  An association, society, or community of people linked by a common interest, religion, or trade.  Some of my best relationships in life have come from the martial arts.  My best man in my wedding is someone I trained with my whole life.  I consider him to this day my closest friend.  He is someone that is like family like the definition states above.  At Rock Solid Karate we are all linked by a common interest.  That interest is the martial arts.  It is important that regardless of differences we always remember to take care of our martial arts family.  We support each other, cheer for each other, and help each other.  It is fine to have friendly competition but we need to handle our victories and our defeats with class and honor.  

As we progress higher and achieve our goals it is important to give back and help others.  If you see someone struggling regardless of your rank make a choice to cheer them on (if you can help them), support them, and help them if you are able to do so.  Be positive in the ways that you help.  My instructor always used something called PCP.  Praise, Correct, Praise.  If you see someone who needs help.  Tell them something they are doing well (praise), correct what they need help on (correction), and finish off telling them how good they are doing (praise). 

Lets all do our effort to keep the brother hood and sisterhood strong at Rock Solid Karate. Help one another, Cheer for one another, and support one another!!



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