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One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time


We have heard this saying 1 million times in different areas of life. ONE STEP AT A TIME.  It is in particular important to remember in our martial arts training.  Whether you are a beginner martial arts student, advanced student, or a Black Belt it is important the simple easy saying.  

It is easy to get discouraged when we don't feel like we are getting closer to our Training Goals.  We have to remember "Rome wasn't built in a day."  So for instance in our forms training.  Some are very complex as we achieve higher ranks.  We have to maybe focus on the first 6 moves and get those down perfect before we move on to the next section.  This holds true for the students that learn fast also.  Sometimes instead of learning things really fast, we need to slow ourselves down and really understand the applications before we move on to the next form or section of moves.   

If you are a parent of a student that is reading this than hear me out.  Children will want to quit and give up when things get hard.  The way we as parents who may not know the physical moves can do is encourage them when they get discouraged.  Quitting and giving up is a habit that is formed.  However, Perseverance is also attainable through encouragement, tough love and pushing your kids not to give up.  Confident children are not formed by quitting when things get hard and stopping short of their Martial arts Goals.  

We are always wanting the best for our children.  We want them healthy, happy and fit to name a few.  However our children are not capable on their own at a young age to know and do what is best for them.  If we gave our children choices like if they want to eat junk or eat healthy, go to school or not go to school or play video games all day or go outside and exercise and play than I think we all know what those choices would be.  Why should it be any different with an activity like martial arts which improves confidence, fitness, self-esteem, concentration, focus, perseverance, improves grades, coordination, flexibility and goal setting.  Not to mention surrounding your child or children in a positive atmosphere.  We have to give our kids the push they need to accomplish their goals that nobody can ever take away from them.  Parents Don't Quit when things get tough push them to persevere and I promise you that you will be glad that you did.   Remember One Step at a time.  Have your kids set short term achievable goals at Rock Solid Karate.



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