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Benefits of Martial Arts After School Program

Benefits of Martial Arts After School Program

As a working parent I can think of a better after school pick up program for your child than Transported After School Karate at Rock Solid Karate.  Parents after work usually have to pick their kids up and run them to soccer practice, baseball or cheer leading.  Than they get home and have to work with them on homework.  By the time you are done with all that it is bed time and on to the next day.



At Rock Solid Karate when you pick them up their after school sport is already done.  They graduate and build confidence by getting new belts just like all the other kids.  Martial arts stress development of the body and the mind, while one grows, so does the other. To achieve this growth, students will work on qualities, including concentration, discipline, patience, and perseverance.  Martial arts has helped many of our students academically because of their improved concentration and focus.  


Improved behavior at home and school!!

We focus heavily at Rock Solid Karate on Respect for our parents, teachers, and classmates.  We require each student to have good behavior at home and school before we even consider for testing to their next rank.  The rank is a big motivator for the children to improve their problem areas and get them corrected.  We focus on the students talking with respect and using manners when speaking with adults and instructors.  Our students learn that by working together, they can both improve more quickly. This behavior in our academy leads to better interaction between your child and teachers as well as their classmates. We focus on correcting them when needed and praising them when they are doing well.  

Physical Fitness!!

When you keep your kids active and exercising at a young age you are setting the stage for the rest of their life.  Did you know The prevalence of obesity was 18.5% and affected about 13.7 million children and adolescents. Obesity prevalence was 13.9% among 2- to 5-year-olds, 18.4% among 6- to 11-year-olds, and 20.6% among 12- to 19-year-olds. Exercise helps children in every area of their life.  It helps get energy out that when bottled up can turn negative.  Practicing martial arts helps to combat obesity and laziness.  While training in martial arts after school at Rock Solid Karate kids will tone their muscles, improve flexibility, speed up their metabolism and burn calories.  

So when you are thinking about an after school program for your child.  Look no further than Rock Solid Karate in Gainesville, Georgia.  We serve the areas of Flowery Branch, Oakwood, Gainesville, Lula, Buford and areas surrounding Hall county.  

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