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Achieving Goals

The old saying we always use to hear coming up through the ranks in the martial arts is “Set Goals, Get Goals.” At Rock Solid Karate we are always working on goal setting with our students. And guess what…. when kids or adults reach their goals it makes them feel better. The same is true for when they don’t reach their goals. Your child may tell you that they want to stop right before Black Belt. They also may tell you they don’t want to finish school. I think you can see where I am going. As a parent you have to be a tough coach sometimes. You have to tell them to get their head in the game. Nobody is ever truly happy about quitting something or falling short. But….I can honestly say I have never had a student at Rock Solid Karate come up to us and say they were upset that they got their black belt. In fact at our Black belt promotions we ask them, “was it worth it?” They always answer yes.

When you push your kids to accomplish big goals that gives them confidence that nobody can take away from them. Confident children are the same kids that say NO to unhealthy peer pressure. These are the same kids that use that confidence in college and in the real world. By pushing your kids to finish the drill you are setting them up for success later in life. In ours kids karate classes things do not always come easy. You cannot depend on a team like you can with other sports. I often compare martial arts to Scouts (boy scouts and girl scouts of america). I have several students that are Boy scouts and getting your badges and becoming an eagle scout is no easy task. These same kids are great martial arts students. These are the same kids that have great respect for themselves and others. These are the same kids that are getting awesome grades in school. Your kids will naturally want to stop when the going gets tough but they need to be pushed. Kids are not capable of making all the right decisions. That is why they have parents to help them know what to eat, what’s is safe, what is best etc….

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It is no easy task getting your unmotivated kid to karate. We understand that. But sometimes half the battle is just getting them there. Let us handle the rest!! Help them achieve their Black Belt and beyond and neither you nor your child will be sorry. We just recently came back from a Black Belt Test this weekend. Some of our students that tested to higher degrees of Black belt have been training for over 12 years. I saw students and parents crying tears of Joy. These same kids wanted to quit at one point or another. But they pushed through and accomplished something at a young age that very few have. The confidence that gives a child it is priceless in the type of world that we live in today.



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