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Karate Near Me

Karate Near Me

Karate Near Me!!!  Go ahead and open up Google and type in Karate or Martial Arts.  One of the top searches you will see in the bar below is "karate near me."  In today's world it is all about convenience.  Everyone wants things as fast as possible and as close as possible.  We all have limited time which is understandable.  When picking a karate school I understand searching near you....but just because it is the closest school does not mean it is the best school. 

When choosing a karate or Martial arts school you need to look for a place that is the best fit for you and your family.  At Rock Solid Karate in Gainesville, GA (hopefully that's near you) we know what it is like to look for a school because we had to do the very same thing.  And we drove about 30 minutes away and passed 3 or 4 schools to get there.  Especially when looking for kids karate you want to look for instructors that love what they do.  Watch the classes and see if they have patience with the children.  If they smile during the class and look like they enjoy what they do.  That positive energy will translate to a good experience for your child.  This person is going to be a huge role model for your child so you want this instructor to help hold your child accountable and boost their confidence all at the same time.  That instructor may not be at the dojo, dojang and or studio that is right down the street from you or five minutes away.  It may be the place that is 15-30 minutes away but will be well worth the drive!!  I know with my child I would not want to sacrifice the role this person will play in my child's life for convenience and driving time.  Shop around and find the best place for you and your family.  Do not just go down the street because it is close by and convenient.  That decision could ruin the martial arts for your self or your child.  Knowing how much of a positive influence the martial arts can have on ones life first hand I want to make sure everyone makes the right decision....(rock Solid Karat). :)  

Families that Kick Together, Stick Together!!  You also want to look for a program that will give you the opportunity to train with your child if you would like.  There are tons of benefits to train in Adult Karate.  But more specifically it will be one of the very few physical activities that you and your kids can do together.  The memories and goals that you will achieve together are priceless.  Also you will be able to help your child in their training and with their practicing at home.  In the meanwhile you will learn self defense, lose weight, and be happy and fit!! 

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