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Make Martial Arts a Lifestyle

Make Martial Arts a Lifestyle

Do you want to be a jack of all trades or a Master of One?  I know the saying is a Master of None but I wanted to put a positive spin on it. I always joke with people that I am only good at like two things in life.  Martial arts and fishing.  I do have a lot of confidence because of those two things.  Whether you are an adult in martial arts training or child training in martial arts it is good to have something you are confident in.  We all love to learn self defense and exercise but it is so much more than just those Benefits.  It is about life long friendships. 

I had the privilege this weekend of going to a birthday party for one of my adult students.  There may have been at any given time through out the night 20-30 people at this party.  I looked around and I knew almost everyone there.  The reason I knew is because they were from Rock Solid Karate.  Now this guy did not have all these close friends five years ago.  When you sweat and train together along side people you create a bond.  These friendships I have no doubt he will have the rest of his life.  He has made martial arts a lifestyle and started it as an adult in his 40's.  It is never too late to create journey that is going to better you mentally and physically.  The rewards don't just stop with that.  You will have a martial arts family group that will enrich your life more than you know.

The same thing is true for the children.  They will have a friend group that is being brought up in a positive environment and setting goals.  So if you are thinking about getting your child into martial arts because you want them to have better focus, concentration, respect etc... Be prepared for them to have new friends that are being trained to respect themselves and others.  These same friends will be much more prone to resist negative peer pressure and not bring your child down.  It is soo much more than the kicks and punches at Rock Solid karate. 

So consider once you or your child makes a decision to begin their journey in the martial arts to make it a lifestyle.  Keep them active.  I am not saying for them to never do another sport or activity.  I am saying keep them consistent in their training for their betterment.  Let them have something that is theirs and that they own.  This is the type of confidence you want for your child in today's world.  Remember PARENTS it is never too late for to start your journey in the martial arts.  This guy watched his daughter train for years before he started.  You can do the same. 

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