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Self Defense Classes

Self Defense Classes

Self Defense Classes are great.  We have hosted women's self defense classes specifically for women in the past.  We will continue to do these to make people aware of dangers and how to be safe.  BUT.........Self Defense can not be taught in one class.  Furthermore, Self Defense is not just about fighting off an attacker.  Let me explain!!

The holidays are here.  People are walking around with expensive things and be tracked out to their cars.  First and foremost "stuff" is not worth dying over.  If someone is holding you at gun point and wants the keys to your car, your wallet, or your holiday gift's than give it to them.  I have been training for over 25 years.  If someone has a gun and wants my stuff than they can have it.  If they want my friends or family than that is of course a different story.  I say all of this to enlighten you.  Self Defense is more about being aware and alert than fighting off a would be attacker.  Here are some tips that may help you this holiday season. 

1.  Stay off your phone.  Keep your focus on walking in and out of stores and not on your phone.  You are a sitting duck if you are staring at your phone and texting.  IT CAN WAIT!!

2.  Park in good lighting and as close to the front of the parking lot as you can.

3.  DO NOT leave your valuables in your car.  If you do have leave something make sure it is not visible for crooks to get tempted.

4.  Make sure you lock your car.

5.  Look around as you are walking.  If something looks suspicious simply get in your car and go somewhere else.  No reason to take a chance.

6.  If your purse is in a buggy than stay with it all the time.  Crooks work in teams and will ask questions and distract you while someone else steals your valuables.

7.  Hold your children's hands and put them in the buggy especially in busy places. 

8.  Even at gun point if a perpetrator tells you to get in your car...DO NOT DO IT.  Fight in public and on site.  Your chances are so much better.  Nothing good usually happens to women or kids when getting in cars.  Sex trafficking is running rampant.  Fight the fight on site.  Your chances are awful of survival!

9.  Get some pepper spray and keep your hand on it as soon as you sense danger or are in the parking lot alone. 

10.  Avoid going out at night if you can help it.

11. When getting an uber or lyft always be with a friend.  Uber and lyft drivers were involved in the Sex trafficking arrests that just recently happened in Atlanta.  

12.  If someone is walking very close to you from behind simply stop and let them pass. 

13.  If you feel like someone is following you in a store simply ask a manager or someone to talk you out to your car. 

14.  Absolutely avoid parking by vans with no windows.

15.  Your weapon is your voice.  Scream loud if attacked.

16.  If you know nothing about fighting or defending your self.  Punch at their jaw and chin over and over.  It is the magic sleep button and can stun them or knock them out so you can escape. 

17.  DO NOT Take any drinks from a stranger or someone you just met out.  Furthermore, always watch your drink so nothing gets slipped in it.


Women:  Sex trafficking is a business with lots of money and high profile investors behind it.  It is a sick business and they are going after children and adults.  Women are being sold based on their looks, age, and even hair color.  It has been said that just one woman can net a profit of over a million dollars  The arrests are happening all over the country and there are millions upon millions of dollars behind this business.  With that being said you have to keep your head on a swivel.  Self-Defense is not just about the kicks and the punches.  It is about being aware!!  The tips above are a great place to start.  I know everyone thinks about how they can beat up the attacker or how they could get away.  These guys and women even have drugs and use things like chloroform to put you out and take you away.  Have talks with your kids and explain to them these dangers.  Unfortunately we are past the time where your kids can play safely in the front yard and not be watched.  They prey on the weak.  If you or your kid are the ones getting intoxicated they will find away to get to you.  I know this isn't a positive post.  Unfortunately the young women are in the most danger.  The talks need to be had and things need to be done about this.  Educate yourself.  Stay alert and aware,

Rock Solid Karate is planning a Women's Self Defense Class for the month of January.  Be on the look out for this announcement and invite as many people as you would like.  The ages will be 13 and up because of the nature of the class.

Thanks for reading and please feel FREE to share.  

E-mail me at if you have any more questions. 

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