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Top 5 Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Top 5 Health Benefits of Martial Arts

2020 is here and everyone is about to get their fitness craze on!!  So let me give you the Top 5 Health Benefits of Martial Arts Training at Rock Solid Karate in Gainesville, Georgia!!  


1.  Helps you have a healthy lifestyle

Once you start a lifestyle like the martial arts other things will start to fall in place.  Martial Arts can be the basis for you getting the most out of your life physically, spiritually and mentally.  It teaches you to discipline yourself in other areas of your life that can affect your overall health.  Your diet overall will improve naturally because your body requires more energy to be able to perform.  Your body needs the right type of nutrients to be able to perform at a higher level.  So you wont feel as tempted to eat bad before coming to class.  So with this being said the martial arts will help you shed some unwanted weight and reach your desired fitness goals. 


2.  Improve Self Confidence  

Knowing how to defend yourself will drastically improve your confidence.  Whether you are single or a parent with children it is important to know how to effectively defend yourself against an attacker.  Martial Arts requires a certain level of patients to be able to learn the techniques required for ones rank.  It also gives a great sense of accomplishment when learning those techniques and progressing through the art.  Martial arts will push you in ways you have never been pushed which will also teach us about ourselves and what we can and cannot do.  Knowing that we have the ability to defend ourselves is a great feeling and ultimately will make you more confident within your own skin. 

3.  Improved Focus

Martial arts is amazing in how it will train our minds.  Focus in the martial arts is a crucial aspect of our training.  Details are very important.  This same improved Focus will translate into our every day life.  A great part of the martial arts deals with us being able to REMAIN Focused.  The key word is remain.  You have to focus and keep it through the drill, class, form, etc...  We have to learn how to breath correctly so we get the most out of our technique.  We focus on using our body and proper technique to get the most power out that we can for our bodies.  Since a huge part of our training is our minds it helps us to focus on everything we do just a little bit better!!

4.  Weight Loss

Everyone wants to find the next best way to get into shape and lose weight.  Let me tell you a secret.  Find something physical that you love, around people you love and do it A LOT.  Train Train Train.  Have goals in the martial arts and don't stop until you reach them.  Push yourself and sweat your tails off.  

Due to unhealthy foods being at arms reach everywhere we as a society struggle with obesity.  Our kids and adults are not getting enough vital nutrients.  Fast food is extremely convenient and becomes an addiction just like cigarettes and alcohol.  If you think that your eating habits cannot possibly be as bad as the two things I just mentioned than you are sadly mistaken.  In fact they may be worse.  Your risk for diabetes and heart disease sky rocket once you reach obesity. 

Martial arts can be one of the most complete total body workouts of your entire life.  It can battle obesity just by getting to your scheduled classes.  But if you give all out effort by coming to class and giving the best while you are in class and practicing at home you will get the results that you want for your weight. And....if you mix this with a better diet and better choices at meal time than your results will be outstanding. 

5.  Teaches Life Values  

It does not matter what stage you are in at can and should always be learning.  Rock Solid Karate has students from 3 years old to 70 years old.  They all have one thing in common.  They are learning.  I myself have been doing martial arts for over 25 year and I am still learning.  Ask any real martial arts Black Belt and they will be able to tell you all the many things they have learned from their martial arts training.  Martial arts training and the lessons learned can help in every area of your life.  These Values are obtained by consistently showing up to class and never giving up.  Do Not Make excuses for why you can not do it.  JUST DO IT!!

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