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Black Belt Cycle

Black Belt Cycle

Black Belt Cycle is upon us.  Rock Solid Karate is so proud of all the candidates for getting to this point.  It takes lots of hard work, dedication and perseverance to get to this point.  Getting a Black Belt at any age is a huge accomplishment.  Here are some tips to help better prepare you guys for an awesome cycle.

1.  Do not Procrastinate

Don't wait start now.  It is quite simple really you know all the questions that are going to be on the test for the most part.  The physical part there will not be a whole lot of surprises.  Know all the material that you are supposed to know.  Get it down now and do not wait until the last minute.  On your written test study your manual.  Take your practice tests and do not wait till the last minute to cram the information in your head. 

2.  Ask for HELP

You are going need to help with something a long the way.  It could be spin kicks, breaking, the written test or falls and rolls.  Ask one of the instructors or one of your training partner's for help.  We are all here to help you succeed.  Do not wait to ask till the last second. 

3.  Be there to HELP and Train

If you are not testing this cycle be there for your training partners.  Help them, Motivate them, Push them and encourage them to accomplish what you already have.  Make sure when you help you are encouraging.

4.  Push Yourself

When it comes to your Black Belt test make sure you are in the best shape possible.  Do not do it half way.  Be at your best physically.  Eat better, practice at home, stretch daily and study.  Give 100% while you are training in class.  Doing that will help improve your cardio and technique.  Put in the work now and the test will be an easy reward.  You should feel more than prepared when it is time for your pre-test.  You should feel completely prepared and know everything perfect by the time you test.  The test should be your time to show off and show out.

5.  Do not Make Excuses

Do not make excuses for yourself.  Have a strong mine and an attitude that you are going to achieve this goal no matter what it takes.  Do not give up when you get discouraged.  Yes there will be a time where you get discouraged about something.  Turn that Discouragement to Determination. 

6.  Pick each other up 

When you see someone down and discouraged encourage them.  If you can.... help them.  If they mess up on something use words of encouragement to help lift their spirits. 

7.  Be Positive

Don't get down in the dumps.  You are going to have a bad class at some point.  You are going to get tired.  It is not about where you start but how you finish.  Talk Positive and Speak Positive!!  You can do this and we will help you.


We are very excited to kick off this cycle.  You guys are going to do Great!! 

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