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Secure your child's future!!!

Secure your child's future!!!

Secure your child’s future

The other day I came across a disturbing picture.  It was a child star (very funny) Shaun Weiss who was famous for his roles in Heavy Weights and Mighty Ducks.  He was arrested for burglary charges while also high on Meth.  It was shocking to me because the kid had such a bright future.  I have taught thousands of kids over the years now and I even have one of my own.  My mind began to race on how we can help prevent this from becoming one of our students or one of our kids.  I have seen some kids in my years go down the wrong path.  I have seen all different kinds pf parenting in my years and I have also seen some amazing success stories.


Surround your children with positive people

We have to surround our children with positive people.  Just because we as adults have good friends does not mean they are Great parents.  We cannot shelter them from everything but we should try to have similarities in parenting.  If one kid is allowed to have bad language and the parents do not care than that may not be someone we want our kid spending a lot of time with. 


Enforce your punishments

When kids misbehave there has to be some type of consequence.  We have to follow through with what we say we are going to do.  I as a parent have realized it is much easier just to let things go.  I have also seen that kind of parenting be highly unsuccessful in my years of doing this job.  We have to follow through and our kids will see we mean business when we give them direction. 


Keep your children in Positive Activities

This by far in my opinion is one of the most important.  I have seen a lot of kids come and go through the doors of the dojang.  To be quite honest I have seen some awesome parenting and some not so awesome parenting.  The kids that grew up stayed away from drugs, alcohol, got jobs, went to college and turned into good members of society all had one thing in common.  Good parenting and follow through.  Parents all the time tell us their kid is different or they are just stubborn.  The parents that had follow through and perseverance were the ones that raised responsible adults.  Those same parents knew that martial arts was not just another activity it was a lifestyle.  Your kids will want to quit things and give up.  It’s your job not to let that happen.  You know what is best for them at a time when they do not.  We have to enforce and direct the right path for our children.  We need to stay in their business and keep them on the straight and narrow.  Martial arts is something that helps enforce all those same things that are going to keep your kids away from unhealthy peer pressures.

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts is another great thing to be associated with.  They teach the same types of things the martial arts do. It is a great environment and those kids are held to a higher standard.  There may be times your kids don’t want to go but structure and positive things like martial arts and scouts should not be negotiable. 

Not everyone is religious and I understand that.  I was always involved in the church youth group.  I can say it made me as a kid think twice about what I was doing.  My youth pastors just like karate instructors and scout masters are all teaching positive character traits that I would want my kid associated with. 


Invest in your child

All of the above and having healthy open lines of communication with our children is a must.  You may want to have a backup!!  One day there will be a day where your kid will not want to hear what you have to say.  But they may listen to an uncle, grandparent, karate instructor, youth pastor, scout leader or friend of the family.  Rock Solid Karate is here for you whenever you need help!!  The lessons our kids are taught now will go a long way towards that child’s future.  Hopefully we can all work together to make sure we raise great kids, teenagers, young adults and future parents. 

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