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Congrats and Goodbye to the Mabrouks.

Congrats and Goodbye to the Mabrouks.

Big Congrats to all the people that successfully tested to their Black belts this weekend.  Also a special congratulations to our very own Matt Duncan who got best in test for all of the adults at the Region 21 World Tang Soo Do Black Belt test.  We are very proud of him.  He has been with us since he was 8 years old.  And Stephanie Mabrouk was promoted to Sam Dan (masters belt).  The Mabrouk's have been a great addition to our school since they moved here from Region 8 in 2008.  They will be moving back to New Jersey in two weeks and they will be dearly missed.  They are an unbelievable talented POWER couple and we are excited for them but sad to see them go.   



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