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Happy new year-Lets be lean and mean in 2017

New years resolutions are always a big part of every new year!!  But I encourage you to make a couple of New Years commitments in 2017.  Parents don't let your kids slack off this year.  If kids have it their way they would sit around and do nothing and play video games.  Allow them so set goals and accomplish things.  Yes they will complain sometimes and drive you crazy!!  But don't give up.  I have never an into a kid or adult that was glad they quit.  They almost always say, "I wish I would have continued and gotten my black belt."  It is one of the first major goals/accomplishments they can achieve at a young age.  This type of thing helps them through high school, college and in their future careers.  If you know something is good for them than continue to push them to achieve their goals though the martial arts and you will not be disappointed.  

Adults there will always be distractions.  In my own life and after having a kid who I watch for over half the day I have had small windows to workout.  Sometimes I have to take him with me.  Even as a three month old i took him to Jiu jitsu and took class while he was in his car seat. Not saying this to impress anyone but too impress upon you that it can be done.  But it takes a commitment.  Meaning your first priority a couple times a week is your training time.  That personally for me means that there are not a lot of other things that are going to come in the way of that.  Dinner plans with friends will have to wait, tv shows can be recorded, fatigue will pass once you arrive at class, etc....  It has to become a habit and a way of life.  Working out and training is not just about how you look and weight loss.  Its about stress relief, relationships/friendship (all my life long friends seem to come form martial arts), and self defense.  So get off the couch and make a commitment to train and stay healthy in 2017.  Don't take time off if you can help it because that is the way that progress halts and quitting creeps into your mind.  



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