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Congrats to the NEW Black Belts/Region 21 tournament info and link

Congrats to all the new Black Belts that were awarded on Saturday.  We promoted people to first degree black belt all the way to third degree black belt.  10 year old kids all the way to Mrs. Gail who passed with flying colors at 67 years young.  Black belt takes a lot of dedication and hard work and we are so very proud of this awesome group of Black Belt Leaders!!  If you see them around the school make sure to congratulate them on their fantastic achievement.  Remember to set your goals high with your martial arts training.  Keep persevering  up until you reach your goal.  After you reach your goal than set a new one for yourself so you never stop growing.  Mrs. Gail has battled through four broken bones and a surgery to get to where she is today.  She made no excuses and made it happen.  She is the definition of perseverance in Rock Solid Karate's opinion.  Also for the younger children to be able to pass that written test which is a college level test is absolutely awesome.  Congratulations to all and Tang Soo.  


Also remember we have a region 21 tournament coming up and it is a local event.  We will start to have tournament classes very soon to help prepare everyone for this event.  This is a great event for people of all ages and belt levels.  It helps them with confidence and facing fears.  Getting up in front of judges to do their forms and having a bunch of eyes on you can make people very nervous.  Do not let that stop you from attending this great event.  We will make sure all of our students are more then prepared so they can do their very best.  If you would like to spar at this event which is allowed at all belt ranks come see one of the instructors and they can give you more info on how to get ready for that and help with getting sparring gear at a reduced rate of $70 which includes the mouth piece. The event registration is in the link is as follows: Region 21 tournament registration     


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