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Bullies part 2

Hey again!
So, in part 1, we left off saying
self-defense skills are the
easiest way to scare away bullies.
And the reason for that, is when
your child knows they can defend
him/herself - they automatically
feel less scared... And the MOST
scary thing for a bully is someone
who isn't scared! 
Here's the "hidden" benefit tucked
into that lesson...
When your child feels SAFE - they
automatically exude more
They stand taller... talk
louder... take more risks...
Bullies can sense this attitude
from a mile away!
They have to be able to - after
all - a kid that cool & confident
won't allow him/herself to be
picked on.
So ironically, it isn't the
ability to kick and punch like a
champ that makes martial arts so
It's the peaceful, powerful,
confident vibe your child emits
without even knowing it!
They automatically exude this vibe
without even trying.
So if your child is having trouble
with bullies, here's my advice:
Enroll them in martial arts.
Within a few weeks their bully
problems will go away.
If they're already enrolled in
martial arts - and still being
picked on - find out what's
preventing them from being truly
strong and confident.
Help them grow and nourish their
self-esteem so they don't attract
bullies anymore.
I recommend a combination of both
of these. I've seen kids grow and
blossom in amazing ways from
having a strong foundation at
... mixed with the ancient life

lessons of martial arts.

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