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Building confidence

Hey there,
Your kids martial arts
instructor here :-)
Sometimes parents tell me that
different tips and tricks for
confidence building aren't working.
99% of the time, there's one
missing ingredient: Immersion.
When I say immersion, I mean that
for your child to really become
confident... confidence has to be
everywhere in their lives.
It's like learning a language. 
If you spend 3 months in a foreign
country - you're going to walk away
being able to speak fairly well.
On the other hand, it takes years
in a classroom to get to that
Make confidence a part of your
child's life, from the time they
wake up till they go to bed.
Continually encourage and motivate
Talk about goals. Compliment them
for every good job they do. Leave
them notes in their lunch box that
remind them of how great they are.
Now, I'm not saying to inflate
their ego or anything :-) 
I'm saying to be genuine and sincere. 
And remember: confidence, like
anything, is a process.

It's not a quick fix.



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