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My kids won't listen

Sometimes, no matter what "tricks"
or "tactics" we try, our kids just
won't listen.
And to top it all off - they're
even more stubborn than we are ;-)
This is an overlooked
approach to getting kids who just
won't listen... to finally listen!
The truth is, kids who don't listen
often do so for the same reason
that adults do:
They feel like no one listens to
Their thought process goes
something like this...
"Well, no one cares about what I
think or say... so why should I
care about what anyone else says?"
Sometimes, they just need to feel
like someone actually cares, and
wants to hear what they have to
Now, here comes the
crazy part ;-) 
Sometimes, having a conversation
just ONCE a day - where all you do
is really, deeply listen to your child...
.. makes this problem go away
I'm serious.
Being listened to is a human need.
When that need isn't fulfilled, all
sorts of stuff goes wrong.
But if you fill that need in your
child - there's a very good chance
they'll respond in a way you'll
very much like :-)
Simple? Yep.
Easy? Not always. 
But with some effort, we can 

truly work wonders.


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