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Healthy eating

With childhood obesity & diabetes
at an all-time high...
... it's never been more important
to be careful with your kid's diet.
The good news is, with the right
information - it's pretty easy!
I hope to provide you with a lot of
that information over time. For
now, here's a great tip to get
started with...
Say "NO!" to sugar & white flour!
Sugar, white bread, white rice,
white pasta and everything with
processed, white flour...
... leads DIRECTLY to bad health.
There's no way around it. I'd go
into the science behind it, but
it's a bunch of boring mumbo jumbo
Eat THESE instead...
- Use whole wheat or whole grain
- Use honey, agave nectar, or
stevia extract for a healthy, 
delicious sweetener.
- Eat whole wheat pasta.
- Order whole wheat pizza.
These simple changes could protect
your child's future.
And let them live a long, healthy,
happy life.
That's all for now!

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