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Summertime Blues-How to avoid this

Summertime is an exciting time for kids.  We have all kinds of vacations and trips planned and they are out of school.  It is also a time where they can lose progress in their martial arts training and get of routine and behavior issues can start to raise their ugly heads.  We love to have fun like the next kid but here are some things that will help you during the summer with your child.  

1.  Keep some sort of routine.  If they usually train on Mondays and Wednesdays than try and keep consistent with that.  Try to maybe limit their pool time or have them take a nap or rest before time for karate. 

2.  If they miss class that try and make it up during the week.  When kids lose progress or get behind they want to throw in the towel. 

3.  Kids are going to want to skip class because they do not want to stop what they are doing.  Keep in mind that you are the parent and you know this is good for them so make them get in the car.  When they get here we can assure you they will have a good time.  The hardest part is getting them here. 

4.  Summer is full of fun foods like pop sickles, ice cream, and candy which is awesome.  But everything should be done in moderation.  Their diet can directly reflect their attitude and they will make you pay for it. 

5.  It seems like every year i see a kid break an arm or a leg right at the beginning of summer and their summer gets ruined.  Skate boarding, bicycles, trampolines, running by the pool, etc... All of these things are fun but safety should come first.  Make sure your kids are safe and wearing proper protective gear when getting on their scooters or bikes.  Make sure if they are playing football it is light touch and they wear a mouthpiece in case they bump heads.  Little steps can go a long way and keep you out of the emergency room this summer.

See you in class soon.  Keep consistent with training. Be safe!! Eat right!! Have fun!! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK

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