Work Out with your kids at Home

While martial arts classes will
help your kids get stronger and
It's also great for kids to get
exercise outside of class. 
Now, if your kid is the "outdoors"
type who runs around day and night
with his friends - 
You can probably ignore this ;-) 
But if your child is more of the
"indoors" type who doesn't exercise
all that much, this is very
All you need is a timer, and a bit
of room. 
- Pushups for 30 seconds 
- Crunches for 30 seconds 
- Squats for 30 seconds 
- Run in place for 30 seconds 
Time your child for each exercise,
and run them through this workout
2-3 times. 
On days where they don't have
martial arts, it'll really help
them keep up their fitness &
Of course, you don't want to work
kids too hard - but it's
important for them to get exercise

every day of the week. 


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