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  • Black Belt Graduation July 20th

    This Saturday July 20th we are going to have an Epic Graduation and Black Belt Ceremony. We will also have Demonstration by Miss Amanda Galloway. You wont want to miss all the action so make sure you are here. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK ....

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  • Dodge Ball Buddy Day Tuesday May 28th

    Dodge Ball Buddy Day Tuesday, May 28 th , 2018 5:45-6:30 Advanced and Beginners Dodgeball and skills and drills all class!! Bring a buddy from school, church, etc….to this class and have a great time. Sign up at front desk . ....

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  • Tournament/Testing and Black Belt Picture's May 7th

    We had an Amazing Black Belt Test and Tournament Weekend. We want to take some pictures on Tuesday May 7th @ 6:30 in formal uniforms and please bring your medals!! Work out class for that evening will be cancelled. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK ....

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  • Summer Camps 2019

    Pre-Registration Price: $150 for Pre-Registration (Deadline May 20 th ) Late-Registration Price: $160 for late Registration (After May 20 th ) Camp Hours are 9:00am – 3:00pm. Early drop off starting at 7:30am and late pick-up until 5:00 are available at no extra charge. To reserve your spot you must complete this form along with an auto debit form of payment which will be collected on the Monday prior to your camp week. There is also a $25 nonrefundable deposit due at the time of registration to reserve your spot. This will go toward the Price of your camp but is nontransferable to other camps. Please check the box below of the camp or camps you are ....

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  • Creating Systems!!!!

    Hey, The other day I was browsing Facebook, and came across something *brilliant*. It was a picture of a sticky note on a fridge with something VERY simple written on it... But the parent who wrote this obviously understands their kids verrryyy well! This is what it said: ======= Get Today's Wifi Password When: * Your beds are made * Your rooms are clean * The dishes are done Love, Mom ======= Pretty amazing, right? Like most kids these days, this parent's kids depend on Wifi for a lot. So this mom created a system where her kids could "buy" Wifi access through chores. Great stuff, right? ;-) Of course, while this is a ....

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  • Region 21 Black Belt Test-Championship Tournament April 26th-28th Flowery Branch

    Attention all Rock Solid Karate Students. Coming to a city near you(Flowery Branch).......Region 21 Black Belt Test and Tournament April 26-28. Whether you are a white belt, Tiny Tiger or Adult student there is something for you. See one of our instructors for more details or check them out Region 21 Tournament Info If you do not know what to expect come to our Tournament classes on Wednesday night at 7:30-8:30 Friday: Black Belt Test Saturday: Championship tournament Saturday Night: Dinner WHERE Go to facebook to check out event flyer ....

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  • Bully deterrent

    Hey there, It's your friendly neighborhood martial arts instructor here. As you can imagine, our school deals a LOT with bullies. You could say we're experts on the subject ;-) Well, this is the biggest bully deterrent out there. Hint: It's NOT knowing how to punch or kick really hard. No, it's something that's a bit harder to teach: confidence. Bullies prey on the weak. They can sense lack-of-confidence like a hawk can spot a wounded animal. And then they pounce. But they back away from confidence. Why? Well, they're scared themselves. Fear is all they know. Pride? Self-respect? These are foreign concepts to the bully. Sadly, ....

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  • Dodge Ball Buddy Day

    Dodge Ball Buddy Day

    Dodge Ball Buddy Day Thursday, January 31 st , 2019 5:45-6:30 or 6:30-7:15 Dodgeball and skills and drills all class!! Bring a buddy from school, church, etc….to this class and have a great time. Sign up at front desk . ....

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  • Discipline

    "Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand." - Chinese Proverb This gem of a quote really applies to parenting. Let's say your son Bobby does something "bad". Here are a few ways you can react... - The "Tell me" way "Bobby, no yelling! Go to your room!" - The "Show me" way "Bobby, stop yelling! You hurt my ears! Go to your room!" - The "Involve me" Way "Bobby, we don't yell unless it's an emergency. Yelling hurts Mommy's ears. You don't want to do that, do you?" Catch my drift? ;-) In our kids martial arts classes, we do a whole lot of the "Involve me" Way. We don't have many rules - but we're very disciplined ....

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  • New Years Resolutions

    New Year’s Resolution: Black Belt and Beyond..... FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK

    At the start of the year, making New Year’s Resolutions are a standard tradition for many. It is a time to take stock of the past year and dream big for the new year. Yet only 8% of people successful complete their resolutions.
    The six most common reasons for failing to meet resolutions are:

    Not making it a priority or having a strong enough reason why
    Getting discouraged if things don’t go perfectly from the start
    Not having specific enough goals
    Trying to do too many different activities at once
    Not having the right mentors or support groups
    Not tracking progress
    Four of the most common ....

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